My Donny Osmond Wallpapers and artwork

By Marie E. Bird 2007

All in 1024x768 format, just click on an image to bring up the large version then right click and save as background desktop! :) Cheers, enjoy! :D

These wallpapers have my own personal photos and artwork integrated into them so please do not post them on other websites without my permission thank you! :) I would also like to be credited for the work thanks very kindly! These wallpapers are for personal use only! :)

Crazy Horses
Crazy Horses Wallpaper
Donny galaxy wallpaper
Donny Galaxy Wallpaper
Twelfth Of Never
Twelfth Of Never

Check out my Donny NZ Concert photos here!

My Osmond Drawings!

Please do not post these drawings on other websites without my permission thank you! :) You can freely link back to this page if you want! :)

Donny in black sketch
Young Donny silhouette
Teenage Marie O
Teenage Marie O
Marie Osmond
Young Marie Osmond
Cute Donny
Young Donny
Debbie and Donny Osmond
Young Debbie and Donny
recent Donny
Recent Donny
Donny and Debbie in a heart
For Donnys 50th B/Day

...and for a bit of fun.. :D
Donny, King of Hearts
Marie, Queen of Hearts

Check out my other artwork here :)

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